Tips for Selling Your Westchester County House During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The real estate market is a dynamic sector that is influenced by a multitude of factors, ranging from macroeconomic indicators to social and demographic changes. One of the most significant drivers of real estate activity is interest rates, particularly mortgage interest rates. As of late, the real estate market has been experiencing historically low mortgage interest rates, which has created a surge in demand for real estate properties. This favorable environment has encouraged many prospective buyers to enter the market, eager to take advantage of low borrowing costs and secure their dream homes.

However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for real estate sellers and buyers alike. The pandemic has disrupted the traditional ways of conducting business, from social distancing protocols to travel restrictions, making it more challenging to navigate the real estate landscape. Despite these challenges, many sellers are taking advantage of the current market conditions and finding innovative ways to market their homes to potential buyers.

If you are a seller in Westchester County looking to capitalize on the current demand for real estate properties, there are several strategies you can adopt to ensure a successful sale. Whether you are listing your home on a virtual platform or implementing enhanced cleaning protocols during in-person showings, it is essential to be flexible and adaptable during these unprecedented times. By following these tips and maintaining a positive mindset, you can achieve your selling goals and move onto the next exciting chapter of your life.

Sell Directly

Selling a house during the Coronavirus Pandemic can be quite challenging due to the many restrictions, uncertainties, and health risks associated with the virus. Therefore, it’s essential to explore all possible options and choose the one that’s not only safe and convenient but also fast and profitable. One such option is selling your Westchester County house directly to a reputable home buying company like RecoveRE Holdings, LLC. This approach can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle since you won’t have to deal with the lengthy, complicated, and often unpredictable process of working with a traditional real estate agent. With RecoveRE Holdings, LLC, you can expect a fast, fair, and transparent transaction that meets your specific needs and goals. Plus, you can avoid open houses, showings, and face-to-face interactions that may put you and your family at risk of contracting the virus. Whether you need to sell your house urgently, don’t want to deal with agent commissions and fees, or want to avoid unnecessary repairs and renovations, RecoveRE Holdings, LLC can help you achieve your desired outcome with minimal stress and maximum satisfaction.

No Open Houses

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of yourself and your family. Selling your house through an open house can be too risky as it involves inviting multiple strangers from different households, cities or states into your home. It can be a daunting task to manage all these guests while ensuring that they follow safety protocols. Besides, with advancements in technology, there are alternative methods to hold an open house without compromising your safety. It is essential to be flexible and creative in your approach to selling your home during these times. Our team at RecoveRE Holdings, LLC can assist you in exploring alternative options and help you sell your Westchester County house safely and efficiently.

Create Virtual Tours

In today’s world, creating a virtual tour of your home has become an essential part of the home selling process. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to limit the number of people coming in and out of your home. By creating a virtual tour, you can show off your property without risking exposure to the virus.

Fortunately, creating a virtual tour is easier than ever. Once your home is photo-ready, all you need to do is take a walking video tour of your property. Take your time and go slowly to ensure that your viewers get a good sense of the layout and flow of your home. With the help of modern technology, these videos can easily be uploaded and shared on various real estate advertising sites, making it easy for potential buyers to take a virtual walk through your home.

Additionally, you can also consider hiring a professional videographer to capture your home in the best light possible. Professional video tours can showcase your property in a way that will entice buyers and increase the likelihood of a sale. Although some services may not currently be operating due to the pandemic, there are still plenty of options available to help you create a stunning virtual tour of your home. By embracing virtual tours, you can attract potential buyers while keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.


Maintain cleanliness and sanitation is a crucial aspect of selling your home during the Coronavirus Pandemic. As a responsible seller, you must ensure that commonly touched surfaces like door handles, light switches, countertops, and other features are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each showing. You can also provide hand sanitizers or wipes for potential buyers to use during their visit to minimize the risk of spreading germs. In addition, it is advisable to ask buyers to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible during the showing. However, you should anticipate that some surfaces such as light switches in hallways or garages will inevitably be touched, so you need to be extra vigilant and clean them again after the showing. Remember, you should not be present during the showing, so it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is clean and sanitized for the safety of the buyers and the next person who enters the house.

Use Technology

As the world becomes more interconnected, the use of technology has become increasingly important, especially during the pandemic. Video conferencing and phone conferencing are fantastic alternatives to in-person meetings when discussing the terms of selling your home. With the use of digital signature programs, you can easily negotiate the contract without having to meet face-to-face with anyone. It’s also possible to take advantage of mail-away closings to complete the transaction without ever having to meet the buyer or anyone else involved in the process. These contactless options provide a safe and convenient way to sell your home during these challenging times, without sacrificing any of the important details or personal touches that make a transaction successful.

Take it Easy

Selling your home is a lot of work and stress under normal circumstances. During the coronavirus pandemic, selling your house is just a little bit more stressful because of the possible extra cleaning and avoidance of contact. Don’t be afraid to take the steps of selling your house at your own pace. Plan ahead for multiple showings and only allow one or two per week to cut down on your cleaning time. Make videos and pictures of your home easily available to potential buyers and real estate professionals. These tips should help you during this unprecedented time to sell your Westchester County house during the coronavirus pandemic.

In conclusion

the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges in the real estate industry, but it has also presented opportunities for innovative solutions. The low mortgage interest rates have created a seller’s market, and buyers are looking for new opportunities. However, the safety of sellers and potential buyers must be the top priority during this pandemic. Selling your Westchester County house directly to a reputable home buying company like RecoveRE Holdings, LLC can be a safe, fast, and profitable option. It is also essential to avoid open houses, create virtual tours, maintain cleanliness, and use technology to minimize face-to-face interactions. By embracing these alternative methods and taking it easy, you can successfully sell your home and move on to your next chapter. Remember, your safety and well-being come first, and with the right approach, you can achieve your goals without compromising your health.

Call RecoveRE Holdings, LLC today at (877)REI-MGMT or send us a message to discuss these and other tips for selling your house. We can discuss your technological options and best practices for minimizing contact with the buyers while still being available while negotiating the sale. 

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