Special Needs & Veterans Housing

Special Needs – Vet Housing is a combination of affordable housing and support services designed to help individuals and families use housing as a platform for health and recovery following a period of homelessness, hospitalization or incarceration or for youth aging out of foster care.
Supportive housing is affordable, permanent and independent housing that meets the needs of tenants by providing support and that is integrated within a neighborhood and community. Veteran housing uses the same structure as special needs housing but is geared towards vets. We place veterans with veterans and they live together as a family unit providing each other with a support network from house mates that understand each other and help each other thru any issues that one may be experiencing. Its truly amazing the bond that these housing scenarios build between the tenants. With vacancy rates and turn-overs being so low, basically zero, these houses fill up very fast and remain full year after year. This is beneficial for both the property owner and tenant.
The two primary types of housing are:

  • Single-site (also referred to as congregate): A designated building where each individual or family has a private living quarters and may share kitchens and/or common recreational rooms or other facilities.
  • Scattered-siteunits in apartment buildings spread throughout a neighborhood or community that are designated for specific populations, accompanied by supportive services

How Does This Type of Housing Work?           Permanent housing w/ support services provides individuals and families coming from a period of homelessness, hospitalization or incarceration with:

  • Integrated, quality housing: Residential apartment buildings are located in all communities throughout New York City. Supportive housing reflects housing options available to others at similar income levels in the community and meets standards for safety and quality established by local, state, and federal laws and regulations and;
  • Standard lease and rental assistance: Tenants sign a standard lease. Continued tenancy is not subject to any special rules or participation in any particular services. Tenants pay 30 percent of their income toward rent.

RecoveRE Holdings partnered with Steward Holdings to provide newly renovated, fully furnished, all inclusive shared housing which acts as the primary and main step to someone getting their life back on track. Next RecoveRE Holdings will partner with other agencies to provide the support services its tenants need to fully take advantage of their new living and life situation, permanent all inclusive affordable housing.

A person is eligible for  support based housing units if they are an individual that is chronically homeless, has a mental illness and/or a substance use disorder.

Steward Holdings Group Special Needs & Veterans Housing


Problem (Traditional Landlording)

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Are You wishing your rental business could be more profitable and give you less headaches?

▪ Tired of only having a minimal profit margin on your rental properties?
▪ Tired of bad tenants who consistently land you in landlord tenant court?
▪ Tired of dealing with tenants that do not take care of your property and tenants that call you every time when any little issues arises like changing a light bulb or unclogging a toilet?
▪ Wish what you did for work had more meaning or gave you more fulfillment but also paid you handsomely?

Solution (Special Needs & Veteran Housing)

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Special Needs Housing

• All tenants are always screened twice before being approved to move into the property.
• Any Problem tenants are removed within 72 hours, No more landlord tenant court, EVER.
• Monthly rental income immediately goes from market where you currently are right now up to 200% – 400% over market every month, guaranteed. Done by maximizing space and being paid by the slice and not by the whole pie.
• Rental Income comes directly into your mailbox or bank account and is ALWAYS on time. Never chase a tenant again for your rent money.
• No unwanted inspections from housing agencies or tenants getting your rent checks stopped because of bogus repairs.

How Does It All Work?

In it’s simplest form it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Contract w/ RecoveRE Holdings for our special needs / veterans housing fulfillment and management services. Choose one of the 4 Programs we have available. Either the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum program and let us do the rest. Then just sit back and let the transformation begin.

Step 2

The RecoveRE Holdings team will come set-up and prep your property so it is ready to begin housing special needs or veterans tenants. Lets us do everything from custom renovations to maximize your properties space to screening, placing and managing the facility so it runs like a well oiled machine that produces income like a virtual endless cash register.

Step 3

30 days after your property is full you start receiving checks that will equal to 250% -500% above what you were receiving previously at your local markets rates. Then rinse and repeat. With our model and step by step approach it really does seem that easy. All the details in between you leave to us to worry about. You just sit back and let the checks come in. This is something you can leave to your family that will pay them out forever. Because as long as we have veterans and as long as they need a place to live their will always be shared all inclusive special needs housing.


Competition in this area of real estate is non-existent with a very low point of entry. This is due to the difficulty in getting in with the VA and other sub-agencies. 99% of investors who try to get in with these agencies never get to even see a client/tenant from the VA or any sub agencies and if they do some how get a tenant they will get the most difficult tenants that the agency has to offer. You are getting the turn downs from our group or some other mom and pop landlords turn downs. The VA and the sub-agencies will continue to give you their more difficult tenants until you have proven yourself to them. This took about 2 years for us to get through. And if you are able to get through it without getting frustrated then and maybe then they will allow you start to choose your tenants. And this is only if they see value in what you offer, your locations are kept top notch and most importantly you treat the clients well. Let me not forget to point out how difficult it is to navigate the agencies, the programs and how difficult it is just getting past the gatekeeper. So you can see why competition is so low and the rewards for those who do get in are so high.


There are 54 million people with disabilities in the United States, this includes our veteran population as well. They all need a place to live and they all need supportive services. 

The question has been: How Do We Meet Those Needs?

Simple Answer:  Steward Holdings Group in Partnership with You.

We believe we need to bring more people to the conversation and supplement government resources. Instead of simply being consumers of government services and advocates for people with disabilities, the time is right to become co-creators of a different housing system. Steward Holdings Group has redefined itself as the direct housing provider of choice for people who have special needs and our veterans. Our mission is to help people 24 hours a day whenever and wherever housing is needed. By providing a good, safe, quality all-inclusive housing for those in need in an environment of stability and mutual respect allows every in need who comes to us a fair shot at life. It all starts with housing because without that a person will not progress forward. Housing is healthcare and without the safety and stability of housing we will continue to see recidivism rise. This proprietary method was designed by Steward Holdings Group’s managing members firsthand experiences and the collaboration of local leaders in the field of community development and mental health. The New All Inclusive Special Needs Scattered Site Housing Program Initiative along with a multi-faceted and a 100% truly comprehensive model takes those who are in need and provides a much needed service along with housing that they would never be able to afford. This keeps our clients from being confined to low income, drug and crime infested areas. This is also an A+ investment program giving investors income and stability in a long term or short term investment vehicle that is an actual tangible asset that is getting returns of 200-400% over market every single month. A true win-win product for both our investors/partners and all those in need.

Speak with one of our Housing Specialists and ask how you can take advantage of this rewarding and extremely lucrative investing strategy.