Our Projects

Here are a few of our current ongoing & completed projects. Click each project below to learn more.

Project 1: Westchester Prehab Project 
Cash For Houses Westchester 
Project 2: Dutchess County Rehab Project

Putnam Valley, NY Rehab Project

Exterior – Before Photo
Exterior – After Photo
Interior – Before Photo

Interior – After Photo

Buchanan, NY Prehab Project # 1

Project    Project

Buchanan, NY Prehab Project # 2 (Video)

Buchanan, NY Prehab Real Estate Project

We’re Looking For Partners On Our Next Projects.

At RecoveRE Holdings we’re growing and always looking for our next profitable real estate projects.  If you’re interested in partnering on a project with us, connect with us by clicking the button below to go to our Contact page.  We’re currently looking to work with people who…

  • Have properties that they want to co-develop with us into performing assets
  • Want to participate in real estate projects with us as passive cash partners
  • Want to sell us their property at a fair price

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