Giving Back To Our Veterans In Need

Giving Back To Our Veterans In Need is a fitting first post. Steward Holdings Group blog would like to start it’s first posting by letting all our readers know a little bit about our CEO and some of the great things we do hear at Steward Holdings Group. Michael Fernandez, President of Steward Redevelopment & Steward Holdings, two real estate investment companies that specialize in helping to save people from foreclosure. Fernandez and his team have set out to help New Yorkers prevent foreclosure by paying homeowners to use their foreclosed homes to house disabled veterans. According to Fernandez, “‘the homeowner will be able to receive a monthly income check from their foreclosed property. What we do is, we become part owner of the house, then we make all the repairs, cover all the expenses, so their is no out-of-pocket cost for the consumer.” Then they work with social service agencies and the VA in various counties to place veterans in the property. They get paid for each veteran at the property, so the homeowner gets a percentage of the rent payments, and now has an income from their foreclosed home. Fernandez said that they also educate homeowners on the NYS Foreclosure Process, layout all the options by giving them the pro’s and con’s of each. “‘It’s a win win situation for everyone, Fernandez said. The bank gets a mortgage; the county gets their taxes, and the homeowner gets paid …

They also help with credit issues, getting buyers and investors financing as well as they purchase distressed or abandoned homes and renovate them so as to keep the local neighborhoods beautiful and free from distressed properties that bring down home values. Fernandez has put together an amazing team to handle the transition, which includes social workers, real estate professionals, a construction team, and has also hired a top foreclosure defense attorney to win back houses from the court. For more information, call (914)775-7054.

This Article Can be found online in Savoire Faire Magazine.

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